Results For Avon Lake Residents

- A Proven Record -

Fiscal Policy

  • Lean and efficient city budgets without sacrificing quality city services

Economic Development

  • 1,600 jobs retained with Ford Motor Company
  • Kept the GenOn power plant operating using coal with plans for natural gas in the future.
  • Expanded the Economic Development Director to Full-time
  • Established the annual Avon Lake Business Expo and Promoted Small Business Saturday
  • Giant Eagle assurance of their presence in Avon Lake for years to come
  • Rewrite of Avon Lake’s Land Use Plan and Planning and Zoning Code to encourage development
  • New jobs and reinvestment by PolyOne and Lubrizol
  • 100 jobs created by Drug Mart utilizing a formerly vacant building for a new mail-order pharmacy

Ensuring Quality and Excellence of Safety Forces

  • Update of Avon Lake’s Community Disaster Plan to ensure a coordinated response with the Emergency Management Agency.
  • Added three firefighter/paramedics to increased 911 calls
  • Avon Lake Fire Department reorganization for added efficiency
  • Coordination with the Chief of Police to arranged neighborhood “Coffee with a Cop”
  • Expanded the Citizens Police Academy and Big Trucks program
  • Professional and collaborative leadership with Fire and Police Chiefs

The Public Works Department and Quality City Services

  • Created the Public Works Department, a consolidation of the Service and Engineering Departments
  • The Public Works Department has maintained quality City services in a more efficient manner
  • Constructed a salt storage facility allowing the City to purchase salt at bulk prices

Communicating With Avon Lake Residents

  • Initiated annual citywide Ward Meetings to have direct dialogues and informational sessions with city residents

Tough Issues Of Our Times

  • Initiated the Drug Abuse Forums in response to the state and national crises of opiate addiction and its impact on our families.
  • 2014 Avon Lake awarded “You’re a Champion from Communities that Care of Lorain County”.
  • LCADA (Lorain County Alcohol and Drug Agency) has established a resource and counseling center in Avon Lake.
  • Mayor Zilka was appointed to the Alcohol Drug Addiction Services Board in 2017 with the goal of providing prevention and treatment services to all residents of Lorain County.
  • Avon Lake’s efforts have served as a model to other communities in our area impacted by opiate addiction.